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I Am Truly Blessed!

I was in yet another auto accident this last Saturday. Except this time it was my fault. My 1st accident ever that was my fault! I had my eyes turned to my sideview mirror looking to get into the next lane over when the traffic came to a sudden stop in front of me and I was unable to stop in time. We were not going very fast at all…maybe 20-25mph at best, but it was enough…Enough to scratch up my front bumper, break my grill, knock my license plate clean off and crack my radiator! The other car was barely scratched! My insurance will take care of their car, but my car has been in too many accidents and has a salvage title now, which means I cannot insure it, so my insurance will not be covering any of the damages to my car.

I drove my car to my mechanic’s before the radiator fluid completely leaked out so I would not have to have it towed, because I truly only had $1 to my name that day. I told him there was no hurry, because I did not have the money to get it fixed. I was greatly depressed about not having my car. My sense of independence was now lost.

I went to church Sunday and shared my story during “Joys and Concerns” and after church a wonderful gentlemen that I know offered to help me out! On Tues he called me and told me that he had taken care of the parts cost for me on the radiator. My mechanic said he would work with me on the labor by letting me do some filing for him. In the meantime, I can pick up my car!

Bless both these men for their kind, giving and generous hearts! I just do not know what I would have done without their help! Blessed Be!

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